Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Amazing Tesla Model M Concept

Tesla Model M Concept
Tesla concept models never ceases to amaze ordinary futuristic motor vehicle followers.

The latest Tesla Model M motorcycle concept is no exception, especially coming from the creative mind of Jans Slapins. He’s also the guy behind the Lamborghini Rat Rod. His specialty is coming up with concepts that look like they could happen, but are just this side of what is possible and practical.

The Tesla Model M is, of course, electric and looks like a design the folks at Tesla might build. The likelihood of this bike being built is slim, but it does show some interesting ideas should Tesla venture in a two-wheeled direction.

According to Silodrome, the concept starts with a 150kW electric motor, which features four different drive modes of Race, Cruise, Standard, or Eco. The motorcycle’s lithium ion batteries are mounted low in the frame to help keep the center of gravity low. There’s also a fuel tank that doesn’t hold fuel. Instead, it is a water-tight storage pod to carry the rider’s belongings.

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