Thursday, June 4, 2015

Drake Bell's Widely-Accepted Message to Bruce

Drake Bell and Bruce
While Bruce Jenner's family members have been supportive after her unnatural transformation just to get to the cover of Vanity Fair, former child star Drake Bell shared the most appropriate tweet about the Olympian on last 1 June.

"Sorry..." Bell, 28, wrote. "Still calling you Bruce."

Several gays called him out and labelled him as a homophobic even if it was not his intention to be. But, given how homosexual fascism works to suppress everything the doesn't conform to their twisted version of reality, it is not surprising anymore.

"I'm not dissing him! I just don't want to forget his legacy!" the Nickelodeon alum reasoned. "He is the greatest athlete of all time! Chill out!"

He concluded by tweeting, "Calm down children."

Bell should realize by now that gays in media will always add "phobic" to everything that has an opinion that differs from anyone who supports gay ideologies.

The small group of respectable gays should have a talk with the media. For two reasons:
  1. They're using your "struggle" as clickbait. Stevie Wonder can see that.
  2. More importantly; the media's deluge of alternative life style articles and their narrow minded "my way or the highway, biased" point of view when writing them are only serving to further the gap between heterosexuals and the gay community.

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