Friday, May 1, 2015

The Pandering Era of Marvel Has Begun

Pandering Era of Marvel
A female Thor, a latino Spidey, a black Captain America with wings to boot and an Afghan immigrant pretending to take the mantle of Ms. Marvel. How low can you really go down?

Just like a fake kiss, anybody can dress ‘em up, but it’s not the same. It would appear that comic collectors are lucky that there are thousands of issues out there that they can enjoy from the pre-pandering Marvel era. Too bad no one has the talent to create a new character that resonates with anyone ... apparently.

Most comic purists may be old and jaded, but they still make a lot of sense. It just seems like when a band loses all of its original members and the third drummer carries on and tries to scam everyone by keeping the band name as if it is what it always was. It is not.

For instance, the Spider-Man origin in general is not tremendously unique. Weird thing happens to normal guy, now normal guy is a special guy with the possibility of being an amazing guy. Even if Miles Morales is a fantastic character wouldn’t it be better for him to be his own thing? Not the "oh, that’s the other Spider-Man from when they changed everything around"?

Marvel still gets money from the thousands of comic purists because they still go to all the movies. However, it’s hard to accept that the characters they enjoyed for more than 50 years are all different people now because the print industry is dying and current Marvel management feels the need to warp their history to appeal to today’s target demographic.