Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fate of League After 'Darkseid War' Revealed

Darkseid War
"The Darkseid War" is coming and it pretty much means bad news for the Justice League. In the beginning of the New 52, we saw the League form to take on the threat of Darkseid. Despite his defeat, his plans did not end there. Throw in the Anti-Monitor and there is not going to be any rest for the League.

In this year's Free Comic Book Day special, DIVERGENCE, everyone got a glimpse at the things to come. This isn't the first time a Free Comic Book Day issue has offered a prophecy of sorts. The same thing happened in the 2012 special as well.

It seems the fate of the members of the League has been revealed. In order to take a look at some of them, there will be spoilers for the DIVERGENCE issue. Although there are future glimpses, it's not clear when these events will occur. It can be assumed that DC's upcoming "looser continuity" won't be a problem with lining these events up with any individual series immediately.

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