Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ford's E-Bike Presented in Mobile World Congress

Electric Bike
A major US company, more famous for building cars, has unveiled two prototype e-bicycles that mix battery power with pedal power at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain a few days ago.

The smaller MoDe:Me folds up and is compact and light enough to be carried by a commuter while the larger Mo:De:Pro was developed with dispatch riders and postal services in mind. Both can travel at up to 25mph (40km/h) and can automatically switch to full electric mode when they sense the rider's heart rate rise quickly.

Both bikes come with a supporting experimental smartphone app and the concept forms part of Ford's long-term Smart Mobility Plan -- a series of 25 experiments and pilot schemes currently being conducted around the world trying to understand the challenges for personal mobility in the future.

For example, the smartphone app can calculate a route using multiple forms of transport -- a blend of walking, cycling, driving and public transport, for example -- and sensors will alert a rider if another vehicle is in his or her blind spot or attempting to overtake.

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